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Cutting the Cords of Past Relationships

For those on a spiritual path, the urgency to expand and grow is imperative.     As we look to move forward, we can become aware of past ties that bind us.  Difficult relationships and our links to them can influence our actions and how we blossom.  The way we perceive ourselves is interlocked with what we still carry in our magnetic field, which then influences the relationships/dynamics that continue to enter our lives. 

"Kundalini" is recognized as the energy of awareness that is contained in every human being.  The focus of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the potential for full awareness in every individual’s life.  The kriya yoga system consists of varying levels of breath work, mantra and asana based techniques.   

In this workshop we will work with Kundalini Yoga to start the work of cutting energetic cords that bind us unnecessarily.  Severing the attachments we carry to unhealthy patterns and relationships.   We will work with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation & Gong to clean the field - setting the stage for a summer of Soulful Connection.  This class is open to all levels of experience and fitness.   



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