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Meditation Fusion at Kripalu: Five Teachers, Five Styles

For all levels.

Meditation is a vast tradition that includes various intentions, techniques, and perspectives. With so many options available, it can be hard to make sense of it all and find a style that works for  you. The key to a satisfying meditation practice is to discover the approach that truly fits your life.

In this program, you can experience five different meditation methods with five diverse experts, and discover what is unique about each and what they have in common. Come explore

  • Instinctive meditation with Steven Leonard

  • Insight meditation with Lin Gordon

  • Crystal bowl sound meditation with Carlos A. Perez

  • Kundalini meditation with Amanbir Singh

  • The neuroscience of meditation with Jacqueline Lutz.

Learn how your meditation practice can be as unique and dynamic as your life.

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