Yogi Tea

This recipe is to give you steadiness and strength. It is also used when the Kundalini Energy gets activated and one becomes afraid, then drink Yogi tea and sleep for awhile. You will be O.K.  You can always help yourself to a glass of it after class downstairs for free and you can buy the ready made packages from the front desk.  

Yogi Tea Recipe:


Start with ten ounces per cup and brew at least four cups at once. For each cup you want to make add:

3 cloves
4 green cardamon pods
4 peppercorns
1/2 stick cinnamon
1 slice ginger root

Boi1 10-15 minutes. 

Heat just to the boiling point and remove immediately. Strain and add honey to taste. 

We started with two things, Kundalini Yoga and yogi tea, remember that, nothing has changed so far. It is a known Vedic rule that yogi tea cleanse the liver and takes away from the body the brain, the damage, it is the most vital handy tool against drugs and their damage, it’s a very healthy drink. We have been teaching the formula this, this, this, we have not kept any secret, we just wanted you to be healthy, happy and holy. You are trying to substitute - there is no substitute for it and then you feel depressed and you feel bad and you feel sad. You are in not in a halfway house, get to your basic diet, we are what we eat.
— Yogi Bhajan