Kundalini Yoga Therapy

A powerful aspect of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga  is its ability to specifically address physical, mental, and spiritual issues and their energetic/karmic roots.  Kundalini Medicine looks at each individual from a holistic paradigm to examine the strength and balance of the 8 chakras , 10 bodies, and 14 major meridians.  The counsel provided in a therapy session offers a greater understanding of yourself from a multi-faceted perspective.

In each session a regimen is prescribed that can include the combination of various tools:

  • A specific meditation based off the particular circumstance and numerological correspondence

  • An in-depth look at one's numerological influences  

  • Breathing exercises to aid in the mental steadiness regarding the focus of session

  • Recommendations of foods to enrich the body & target specific biosystems

  • Kundalini exercises and kriyas specifically selected to accelerate the healing process

  • Kundalini Energy Work to balance the 8 chakras, 10 bodies, and 14 major meridians  

  • Acupuncture work to help balance the energetic system

$175/hour Sessions last 60-90 minutes upon request


Cancellation Policy:  All cancellations require 24 hour notice.  All appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours are charged in full.


Kundalini Yoga Privates

A private session is great for the beginning student who is looking to understand and deepen their practice and design a home practice.  

In addition, a general Kundalini Yoga class is suited for healthy people to achieve a state of excellence.   The therapeutic qualities of Kundalini yoga can benefit everyone and in a private session can tailored to personally meet the needs of those that are ill or have certain physical limitations.   

$225/hour Sessions last 60-90 minutes upon request; Travel outside of NYC inquire about rates