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Soul Renewal

Soul Renewal: Kundalini Retreat

Forgiveness, Healing, and the Path of Excellence can align when we connect to our soul. The soul is the space within us that knows the way. Our past traumas and the condition of our minds and heart - resentment, judgement, envy, self-animosity- can block us from this connection.

On this retreat we will dive deep into Kundalini Kriyas, Mantras, and meditations to strengthen the light of our soul. To honor our great connection so we can bring forth soulful living. To be a cup of nourishment and elevation for all.

For retreat

What to expect:

• dynamic and restorative movements for the body

• a fun and practical approach to restore the bot through yoga. Acupuncture/or Acu Ear Magnets Gong meditation and meditation

• plant based healing delicious nutritious home cooked food.

• intimate mantra journey with Amanbir

• miles of beautiful surroundings include rivers and mountains

Prices start at $250

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