Connecting with Bliss at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires

It was a pleasure to sit down with Amanbir after he taught his class entitled “Active Bliss” at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires. A Kundalini Yoga teacher, teacher trainer, yoga therapist, and acupuncturist, he is a busy guy with a whole slew of skills. He teaches Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge in New York City, where he has lived for 15 years. Adorned in a lovely yellow turban, Amanbir shared his thoughts on his multiple roles, his love of 80’s synth pop, and more!

Sat Nam Fest: You have a degree in engineering, which is not necessarily a typical background here in the Kundalini Yoga community. How do those studies impact your Kundalini Yoga? Is there a connection with your Kundalini yoga practice?

Amanbir: There is so much connection because there is so much science within Kundalini Yoga, so much technology. Systems are so important to Kundalini Yoga. The results are just more about...