Herbal Medicine and Dietary Consultation

Chinese Herbs are a natural and holistic form of health care.  As a sacred form of time tested alchemy, specific herbs are used in combination with one another to assist in various functions of the human body. Each formula is tailored on an individual basis based off of the patients constitution and main diagnosis.  Although herbal formulas are ameliorative, they can also be used in skin care, mood boosting, energy maintenance, and to aid in strengthening ones intuitive mechanisms. 

In complement with herbs, the foods that we eat have a critical role in the healing process.  What and how we eat can set the course for a vital and radiant life.  Food is more than nutrition, it is energy and one of the vital forces that sustains us.  

In this consultation Amanbir will access your personal constitution with food/energetics to come up with a food and herbal strategy to increase your personal health and vitality.

Herbal Consultation $175

Herbal consult is complementary with any other healing service.  Please inquire for more information.