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  • 6 Park Road Cape Town, WC, 7700 South Africa (map)

Alchemy of Healing
The Power of the 5 elements

Life is contained within the form of the 5 Elements and the alchemy between each provides the catalyst for all life on this planet.  From the yogic perspective the elements are referred to as the tattvas of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  By understanding and working with these elements we can transform any areas of stagnation or poverty in our lives into the flowing currents of prosperity and freedom.  

 Our physical bodies, personalities, meridians, and emotions are governed by the 5 elements and the balance between them or lack thereof.  In this workshop we will cover the dynamics of each element as well as the practical application of the elements towards your spiritual practice, health, and success.  

Among the tools to promote harmony within the scope of our elements, we will cover:

  • Determining one's 5 Elemental Archetype based off of sound, smell, color, emotion, and projection.  
  • Understanding the channels that run through the body and their corresponding element & emotions.
  • Simple postures and meditations which encourage the opening of Qi through these meridians and restoration of balance through these systems.  
  • Foods to promote elemental equilibrium,

Integrating the sacred and transforming space of Kundalini Yoga, Deep Meditation, Gong and higher learning, this workshop will guide you to transcend the weight of the elements to a deeper perspective and relationship to your Universal essence.  

Come join us for a beautiful afternoon of demystifying the elements and to awaken the alchemist within.